Before we begin uploading with Filestack, you’ll need to acquire an API Key from us by creating a free account on our website here:  This API key acts as the 1 to 1 identifier for your account, or an ID for us to seperate differing Filestack Applications.  Your API Key also dictates what permissions are being given to the account, this can range from addons in use on the account, or potentially if the account has been blocked for reaching a limit.  API Keys will be given a set of their own metrics which will only effect that key- differing keys can be set to share a single pool of metrics, however you will need to reach out to our Account Management Team to have this process started.  This can only be done for paid plans- but has no additional cost associated with it.

Your Filestack API Key is required for use when initializing the Filestack client- attempting to initialize without an API Key will result in the API not working.  API Keys are not the only hashed value in use within your account- each time you upload a file you will be given a Filestack URL that has a random set of characters generated at the end of the URL- this value is the Filestack Handle.  This handle is the 1 to 1 identifier for each file uploaded with a specific API Key.  File handles can be queried to provide the metadata of a file, used to transform the file, used to remove the file, or many other manipulations after the initial file upload.  It is generally recommended that users keep track of or log the filestack URLs/handles in some way, as these handles are required for a portion of transformations within our API.

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